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Puzzle Peace

November 18, 2015

The world is often a puzzling place. A horrific series of killings occur and it appears as though there is no reasonable explanation for it. And often when the world feels almost too puzzling to bear, like after the shootings and bombings in Paris, France last weekend, it is easy to say that the evil acts of people are simply and utterly incomprehensible.

The world is often a puzzling place. But what do you do when presented with a puzzle? You do your best to solve it. Because there is a solution to it. Because there is an answer. Some crossword puzzles are extremely difficult to solve but they are never utterly incomprehensible — they exist to be comprehended. They exist to be solved.

I’m guessing that some of the answers to the puzzling events of last weekend include despair, isolation, fear, poverty, ignorance, boredom … to name just a few. But I’m trying not to be lazy. It would be lazy to just put down a puzzle after one glance and call it utterly incomprehensible. It would be worse to get angry and rip it up in retaliation by using immediate and unthinking violence.

While Howard Zinn’s quote in this week’s puzzle is certainly timeless and naturally applies to recent news events, it could even more narrowly apply to Senator David Vitter (R-LA) who released an ugly ad on Monday invoking the Paris attacks in order to criticize his Democratic opponent in his campaign to become the next governor of Louisiana.

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