Dear Congressperson,
I solved this puzzle - can you?

One Person, One Vote

April 6, 2016

Send it to Congress

In each of the following, there is one person and one vote: 17-, 27-, 43- and 56-Across. Go solve ’em (and thanks to SCOTUS for Monday’s 8-0 decision on this issue).

And Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) gets our attention this week because:

1) He just won the Republican primary in Wisconsin
2) He once called Hillary Clinton and Democrats “bigots” for defending voting rights
3) And because “Senator Ted Cruz” anagrams to “Trust Crazed One”

Solve the puzzle. Then click on one of the tabs below the grid to use Twitter or email and send the following message: “Dear Senator Cruz, I solved this puzzle — can you?”


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