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Off Target

October 21, 2015

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I’m by no means presenting this as THE solution to gun violence in general or police shootings in particular but why are people given firing range targets like the ones seen above? Why are we meant to aim for the 26-Across? Shouldn’t police officers be given a human silhouette to shoot at in target practice with an image more like the one seen in this week’s grid? Shouldn’t they be trained to aim at the grid’s circled letters? Wouldn’t that save lives?

Last weekend, Congressman French Hill (R-AR), in the wake of yet another mass shooting, responded to demands for stricter gun control laws by attending an NRA fundraiser at Last Resort Firearms Training in White Hall, Arkansas. Perhaps, at the event, Congressman Hill got a chance to fire off a few rounds himself. Perhaps he landed a few shots to the 26-Across. Yay?

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