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Mixed Income

June 29, 2016

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Bill Cunningham, the legendary fashion photographer for the New York Times who died this week, was a New York City gem. While clothing and the people who wore the clothes were what his camera lens zoomed in on, the just-as-stunning background in most of his pictures was the city I love and call home.

In all likelihood, Bill Cunningham would never have become legendary fashion photographer Bill Cunningham if he had not found the rent-controlled Manhattan apartment he lived in for decades. Instead, he would have had to find a higher-paying job. Or he would have had to move out of this city, the fashion capital of the nation.

Above is a picture of a building going up near my apartment in Brooklyn. It’s getting harder and harder to imagine, as the city becomes more and more expensive to live in, how future Bill Cunninghams will be given a chance to perfect their art without having to be crushed with exorbitant rents to pay. Let’s keep shouting it: Affordable housing! Affordable housing! Affordable housing!

This spring, Congressman Dan Donovan (R-NY), who represents southern Brooklyn and Staten Island, blasted a HUD plan to help those with criminal records find housing by giving them protections against landlords who refuse to rent to them. You never know — one of these people being denied a place to live could be the next Bill Cunningham.

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