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Cash for Guns

January 6, 2016

Several years ago, a pastor in Selma, Alabama named Robert Pettus, horrified by the number of gun violence victims in this country, decided to do something about it. “We’ve suffered many firearm deaths and injuries in the past, and they are still going on today,” Pettus recently told the Selma Times-Journal.

This past November, Pettus hosted his church’s fourth annual gun buyback event — gun owners were told that they would be paid $75 for every gun turned in, no questions asked. “Our hope,” Pettus said, “is to remove all illegal guns and stolen guns off the streets.” He added that “every gun we remove from the streets” is “a success.”

Robert Pettus lives in a state that is represented by two U.S. senators who both blasted President Obama’s executive actions on gun control this week. One of those men, Richard Shelby (R-AL), had this to say: “There are 300 million guns in America and millions of people got guns and they feel a little more secure with them.”

If only, Robert Pettus, you had the cash to buy them all back.

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