Dear Congressperson,
I solved this puzzle - can you?

A Path to 52-Across

March 9, 2016

Send it to Congress

Good article this week about Latinos seeking 52-Across in time to vote against Donald Trump in November.

A path to 52-Across should be this easy: solve 20-Across and, when you do, find the first “n” in that answer. From that letter you can follow, in kind of zig-zag fashion, several other n’s until you reach the “n” in 52-Across.

See: a path to 52-Across. Either that or we can heed the desires of Rep. Steve King (R-IA), who boasts on his website of his “35 years of experience in the earth-moving, drainage and concrete construction business, which gives me the background to design an effective wall” along the Mexican border.

Solve the puzzle. Then click on one of the tabs below the grid to use Twitter or email and send the following message: “Dear Congressman King, I solved this puzzle — can you?”


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